Kick Out The Yams

“Kick Out the Yams” is our interpretation of a fall/holiday spiced beer, leaning heavily on sweet potatoes instead of the more trendy pumpkin flavors that dominate autumn. I’ve also tried messing around more with graphic design (resulting in the label above) and I’ve decided to try a more simplistic and minimalist labeling for a while.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the spiced beer category, which is odd considering how often we use spices and odd additions in our homebrew. In commercial versions, I often find that the spice notes are way overdone, leading to an experience that is sometimes like licking a perfume jar rather then drinking a beer. I wanted our attempt at a seasonal to be a bit more restrained, aiming more at a strong sweet potato flavor rather than the traditional pie-spice blend you find in many pumpkin beers.

This is our second year brewing Kick out the Yams and we’re making incremental changes each batch to refine and improve the flavor.  Our first batch had a solid dose of Rye.  Our second batch we ditched the Rye (because none was on hand) and added a lot of german smoked malts.  For future batches I plan on experimenting with both rye and smoked malt in hopes of determining the perfect balance.

One more note, we are certainly getting some fermentable sugars from the sweet potato here but I haven’t taken the time to research how to calculate their impact on the mash in terms of fermentable percentage contribution.  Because of this, the grist percentages below are only for grain, and exclude the potato addition.

Link to our blog post about batches 1 & 2.

Current Recipe

Recipe Stats:

  • OG: 1.062
  • FG: 1.008
  • ABV: 7.2%
  • IBU: 33.9
  • SRM: 19


  • 87.3% US 2-Row Malt
  • 7.8% German Smoked Malt
  • 3.9% 120L Crystal Malt
  • 4% UK Chocolate Malt
  • Canned sweet potatoes (roasted)


  • UK Fuggle Hops
  • Czech Saaz Hops
  • 2 whole cinnamon sticks


  • Wyeast 1028 – London Ale yeast

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