Grouchen IPA

James’s wife Gretchen (food/fashion blogger at was an interesting toddler with an occasionally ill-tempered disposition.  Her quirky side showed often, as when she demanded that her mom give her the “Bates Motel” haircut.  Her grouchy side was also in frequent display, as when she screamed at the enthusiastic Orioles fans around her to shut up during a visit to the old Memorial Stadium.

Her grouchyness wasn’t limited to cheering sports fans and eventually her uncle Steve came up with the nickname “Grouchen”.

Gretch is now grow’d up, and has bucked the stereotype to develop a voracious appetite for hops.  The Grouchen IPA is an attempt to satisfy her thirst for bitter ales.

We’re not too good at brewing to style, so while this aimed for an American IPA in stats, it misses in geographically divergent ingredients.  The base malt is from the UK, the bittering hops are from the Pacific Northwest and the aroma hops creep in from the land down under.  The end result must have been utterly delicious, as we kicked the 5 gallon keg before we could even save some for family.

Don’t forget to check out the “big girl pants” version of this beer, Grouchy Old Witch!

Current Recipe:

  • 96.8% UK Marris Otter
  • 3.2% US 60L Caramel Malt
  • US Palisade Hops
  • Australian Galaxy Hops
  • Yeast: Wyeast 1056 American Ale
  • OG: 1.051
  • FG: 1.007
  • ABV: 5.9%
  • IBU: 47.4
  • SRM: 6.6

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